Robb Vices luxury delivery subscription service gift box will spice up your self-quarantine

You’ll have all the necessary cocktail accoutrements for your next Zoom happy hour

If you’re looking for a self-quarantine activity, this luxury subscription service has you covered.

Are all the days starting to blend together? The Robb Vices delivery service will give you something to look forward to and will (literally) spice up your quarantine routine.

I tried the Robb Vices delivery service and wasn’t quite sure what to expect – I had previously tested out clothing subscriptions, but when the only people I’m seeing are in my immediate family or on House Party, having a designer ensemble isn’t that appealing. I was excited to try one out that was supposed to be ideal for self-quarantine, although I wondered what exactly that meant. Would it provide the tie-dyed sweatsuit every single Instagram influencer suddenly seemed to have? Would an influencer fitness instructor come to my house (standing six feet away, of course) and encourage me to actually work out instead of staying in child’s pose?

No, none of the above happened, but it was a pretty cheerful surprise.

Robb Vices, launched from Robb Report magazine, delivers luxury items like wine, booze, food, and swanky tools to your house monthly for $99.

My recent box was a hot one – it would also make an ideal Father’s Day gift if you’re starting to think that far in advance (although time has lost all meaning).

It consisted of wine, jam, cayenne chocolate, and Maddy & Maize bourbon barbecue popcorn, the perfect isolation treat so you can avoid having to share.

There was also a Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha from Bushwick Kitchen that I would happily eat for the rest of quarantine and for forever. There’s also a selection of sauces to add a little something to all that Ramen you’re eating. Finally, there’s Mango Habanero mixer to add a little something to your Zoom happy hours.

A separate box contained crystal whisky stones from Anna New York. It also had a crystal to save wines, even though most people are probably enjoying the whole bottle these days.

If you need an ideal quarantine treat and are tired of waiting patiently for Amazon orders to arrive, this offers up a bunch of surprises to spice up your stay at home.