Power sags, surges and outages are unavoidable and capable of damaging valuable IT and other mission critical equipment thereby bringing productivity to a halt. That is why planning and deploying a robust power protection solution is absolutely vital.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply commonly referred to as UPS is an electronic device that provides short term emergency power supply when the regular input power fails or is out of tolerance.  UPS offers temporary power protection for just enough time for an alternative standby power source to start and pick up the load or to allow a graceful shutdown of protected systems. Common power problems causing power disruption include utility failure, and variation of line voltage and frequency.

Amiran offers a wide range of UPS system including UPS to support IT, Industrial, and other mission critical loads.   

1.Centric Series

Centric is Amiran’s UPS flagship product. It is a modular UPS systems consisting of multiple 25 kVA/kW power modules. The capacity of the UPS is scalable by simply plugging in additional 25 kVA/kW power modules to increase the capacity up to a maximum of 200 kVA/kW (for the 200 kVA model). Up to four units of 200kVA can be paralleled to scale the system power to 800kVA/kW.

Centric is a true on-line double conversion UPS system designed to protect data and equipment and eliminate adverse effects produced by power irregularities and failure. Centric has the following features and advantages.

Battery Backup

The battery cabinet is external to the UPS system. The desired autonomy (backup time) can easily be configured by provisioning the right size and number of batteries. The basic configuration consist of 60 pieces of battery blocks.


The Centric is a modular UPS system that enables easy upgrade and shorter mean time to repair (MTTR). It consists of SNMP based controller and a Static switch. Every module is 25KVA/KW.

Horizontal Redundancy

Up to five Centic UPS units can be connected in parallel to increase capacity and offer redundancy thereby eliminating single point of failure.



Centric UPS has unmatched efficiency of 96% The immediate benefits out of the exceptional efficiency are translated to saving on electricity costs, as well as less heat, lower AC ventilation costs and requirements.


2. GTSI Series

The GTSI Series UPS is a classic double-conversion online device that comes with an output isolation transformer important for supporting industrial loads. It employs Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and is controlled by a μ-controller, to provide reliable, pure sinusoidal stable output voltage protected against every type of line fluctuation, including interruption of the mains supply.

3. MST

The MST Series is a single phase suitable for small to medium office setup. The UPS employs Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and is controlled by a RISC micro-controller to provide reliable, sophisticated protection for every type of line fluctuation, including interruption of the mains (electrical) supply.

4. Advice

Advice Top V UPS are online double conversion UPS for server closet solutions suitable for small to medium commercial setup.