Over the years we have seen a dramatic change in both the attacker and the techniques they use. Our strategy is quite simple - make it so unbelievably hard for cybercriminals to achieve their objectives that their only recourse is to invest more and more resources to stage a successful attack, or give up and move on to someone else.

This new approach must account for the realities that today’s attacks are not only multi-dimensional in nature, but also use an increasingly sophisticated set of techniques that are constantly in a state of change.  As these techniques evolve the risk of breach increases, therefore an effective strategy must include multiple kill-points working together to prevent all aspects of an attack.  This includes

  • Blocking the different techniques attackers might use to evade detection and establish command-and-control channels
  • Preventing installation of malware – including unknown and polymorphic malware
  • Blocking the different techniques that attackers must follow in order to exploit a vulnerability
  • Closely monitoring and controlling communications within the organization to protect against the unabated lateral movement when legitimate identities are hijacked

At Amiran Communication through Palo Alto's Next Generation Firewall, we help you build a prevention-focused architecture that stops at nothing short of complete visibility into all traffic; is natively integrated in such a way that no gaps exist and context is delivered so you only have to react to the threats that are critically important. It is highly automated to reduce or remove manual response; and enables you to drive seamless policy throughout your organization to reduce your attack surface and eliminate unnecessary risk.